While we continue to offer our Traditional MarkBook for Windows

We are proud to announce that

MarkBook logo


MarkBook logo

An advanced HTML5 Web Application for your Chromebook, Android or iOS tablet as well as your Windows or macOS computer.

Entries Overview

This new version of MarkBook® is 100% Browser-based, powerful, fast, and friendly. This new application will launch seamlessly to support more devices than ever including Chromebook devices, iPad and Android tablets as well as Windows, macOS, Linux and Android computers.

Our MarkBook®Web product users will be automatically converted to this new version completely eliminating the need for an installed desktop application.


Learn more at www.markbook.com


Teacher and Student Collaborating

Communicate with Students, Parents and Administrators more frequently and effectively

Effective teachers know that a critical part of the assessment process is communication. With MarkBook, assessment becomes much more than just assigning a grade, it is the gateway to starting a dialog with students on their progress. The evaluation process becomes transparent – students and parents can finally understand how each assessment contributes to the overall grade leading to enhanced student motivation.


Classroom full of high school students

Understand your class better

MarkBook is so much more than a spreadsheet or a calculation tool. It is a powerful analytic tool to help you see trends in individual student and class performance, determine most consistent achievement and ensure balanced assessment.

MarkBook will help you with the early identification of developing problems and help you formulate a solution with the student.

Thousands of teachers have been relying on MarkBook for decades – it's the teacher's first choice for class management software.